I’m Susie M Stokes, a passionate Marketer with a BSc in Marketing

 Susie M Stokes

As a Marketer & Copywriter, I specialise in creating shareable, valuable content for the target audience in order to engage with them in a meaningful way.

The Marketing Index was created so I can share all I have learnt & provide you with as much valuable marketing insights, resources & advice as possible. As Philip Kotler (a leading authority on international marketing) said,

“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.”


I’ve studied marketing for years, reading hundreds of books on the subject, just to help make it easier for you. Knowing how correctly market your business will help you attract the right customers, championing your businesses value in a consistent way online at every point of customer contact is the key to building a strong sustainable & trusted business & brand. Some of what I’ll cover:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Content Marketing (storytelling)
  • Consumer Psychology & Social Media
  • Design
  • Copywriting

Philip Kotler also holds that:

“The organisation’s marketing task is to determine the needs, wants and interests of target markets and to achieve the desired results more effectively and efficiently than competitors, in a way that preserves or enhances the consumer’s or society’s well-being.”