Discover TEDxSydney 2016 | Wednesday 25 May

I have been a bit quiet on The Marketing Index throughout March but I am back & excited to share that I have joined the wonderful team at TEDxSydney 2016 as Community Manager, doing my part to help share “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

For those not in the know, TED is a not-for-profit devoted to spreading ideas, which takes the form of talks in 18 minutes or less. It was founded in 1984 and currently run by Chris AndersonTED stands for Technology Entertainment & Design but it is more than that, with talks covering a multitude of topics from advertising to astronomy, food to finance, politics to parenting.

Independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities all around the world. TedxSydney is one of the largest independently run TEDx events, running Wednesday the 25th May 2016. If you are curious to learn more about TED & TEDxSydney this is a perfect read; written by the wonderful Amanda Kaye for TEDxSydney:  Ten Things You Might Not Know About TED and TEDxSydney

If you are the type that loves to binge watch (thank you Netflix), this is the perfect playlist to introduce you to the best of TED, with the most popular talks of all time. My 7 favorite marketing TED talks are listed below, read all about how they can help you become a better marketer.

7). Renny Gleeson – 404, the story of page not found
6). Alexis Ohanian – How to Make a Splash in Social Media
5). Dan Cobley – What physics taught me about marketing
4). Sheena Iyengar – How to make Choosing Easier
3). Seth Godin – How to get your ideas to spread
2). David Carson – Design and Discovery
1). Malcolm Gladwell – Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce

If you have a favorite TEDTalk be sure to share it with me too.
Happy Watching!