Welcome to our resources section, below is a list of the tools and websites we use and recommend. They will give your marketing that professional look without spending $$$.


Icons & SymbolsGlyphicons

I highly recommend this pack of over 800 professional and consistent looking icons, you will never run out of options. Glyphicons is the best $59 you will spend, making your brand look consistent and professional across all mediums.

PhotographyUnspalsh | Adobe Stock.

I use few websites when looking for stock photography when I’m on a limited (or no budget) I use Unspalsh or when I have some budget I use Adobe Stock.

Email Marketing: ConvertKit | MailChimp

I started out using Mailchimp, its entry-level free plan is perfect for those starting out, but as you grow, Mailchimps features may limit your targeted list building. So I’ve since moved to ConvertKit.

File storage/transfer: Dropbox | WeTransfer

Dropbox has Free storage up to 2GB, you will need some way to send large files to printers and DropBox is the perfect place to keep files & links to printer/vendors etc.  If you don’t want to create an account and only need to send large files sporadically WeTransfer is perfect for that.